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Smart Saver Global Cellular

Why pay for a pricey bundled package if you just need some talking and texting? Here is a Plan where you can budget your monthly phone bill and still have what you fundamentally need ... Talk, Text and some Data. Still same quality. Still same nationwide coverage. Still 4G-LTE High Speed Data at your fingertips. International Text and calling available. No Contracts, No Credit Checks, NO EXCUSES! Bring Your Own Device BYOD,
Manufacturer: REAL Mobile
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Please give us a number or email where we can contact you in the event of a problem.

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Use this space to send us any special request or instructions.

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Connect  Nationwide and in over 250 country locations with your cellular phone. Access 4G LTE Internet, make and receive calls, sms (text), use your APPs like Facebook, Twitter, What's APP and more. Get the coverage you need, only pay for what you use and freely travel without the expensive international roaming charged by other cellular phone carrier.

No Contracts, No Credit Checks,  NO EXCUSES!  Bring Your Own Device BYOD,

Note: Complementary SIM card included - FREE Shipping

Pay for the package you Use and $$$$ Save!

  •  250 munites Talk and 250 Text messages  with 500mb Data included. This is your best phone option with all the essentials.
  •  Pay for what you need ... yet have everything ... talk, text and data**
  •  Talk, Text and 4G-LTE Web throughout the continental USA

The service is offered as

  • 4G/LTE High Speed Internet 
  • Voice and Text (sms)

Each usage is priced separately.

Each usage is on a Pay as You Go Plan starting as low as $4.99.


Great for domestic use, as well. Capture the major networks for full USA coverage.


See how it works

See all the Global Roaming Data rates HERE

Your telephone number travels with you worldwide.

Is this the right plan for you? Let's do the Math ...

  • Premium Quality
  • No Throttling - EVER
  • Multi-Carrier connections guarantee the best and fastest connections everywhere
  • Global Roaming
  • Save Money by controlling your expenses

For this one low price you're on the network and can call or text anyone. There are no roaming charges so it is easy to travel with nationwide service.

Need some Data for picture messages, google maps, emails ... simply ad as little as $1.00 right from your phone!


Now you can talk with all your friends ... NO EXCUSES! 

I am on a budget  …  Is This right for me?

  • Talk or Texting friends, family, business associates. This is a worry free plan. There is low start price with essential service… !  Budget and still have no surprises on your phone bill. Now that's REAL flexible! WOW!
  • Have friends, family,  business in far away lands? International Calling and Texting (SMS) is at your fingertips!
  • Internet access and Picture Messaging (MMS).  This Plan comes with 500mb. Need a little more? Add as little as $1.00 right from your phone instantly.
  • Get 500mb of High Speed 4G-LTE Data download included with this low price! ...and have the ability to add more when and as you need it.

Am I restricted with such a low price?

  • Have the entire power of your phone at your fingertips. Talk, Text, Data, International Text, International CallingNow that's flexible!
  • Our Wireless coverage is Nationwide and in over 250 country locations without roaming charges.
  • No surprises if you leave your normal home area. 
  • Direct Dial from your phone International Calling available for additional charges per country destination.


This is a GSM service and will work on any unlocked GSM phone.

 BYOD (Bring your Own Device)


   *  Additional charges apply for International calling and texting

Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
GSM ServiceAny unlocked GSM phone
Minutes250 USA minutes
Test messages (SMS)250 USA text
Data (Internet)500 mb USA
Mobile Web3G / 4G / 5G LTE on Nationwide Network
International Text (SMS)Yes, additional charge may apply depending on country destination
Includes New Phone number OR Transfer existing number
Service Days30 Days
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