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Featured products

LTE Android Touchscreen by Hyundai - UNO L505

Allow yourself to be amazed ... The affordable high capacity workhorse Hyundai L505 LTE Smartphone comes with a 5.0" display, modern design, Android 5.1 OS, efficient memory and battery, fast charging, dual camera with 5.0 mp back, QUAD-core processor ....
$110.00 $68.00

Unlimited Talk, Text and Deluxe Data (GSM)

Unlimited Talk, Text, Data , available International Text, MMS, Nationwide 4G LTE Coverage, No Contracts, No Credit Check, No Commitments. Bring Your Own Device BYOD

Very Affordable Android Touchscreen by Hyundai - E435 LITE

This very affordable and capable Hyundai E435 Smartphone comes with a 4.0" TFT Capacitive touchscreen, modern design, Android OS, efficient memory and battery, fast charging, dual cameras, dual-core processor ...

Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime - G610

Elegantly refined the Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime boasts a boatload of feature starting with a stunning brushed metal finish with zero camera protrusion to ensure an overall ultra slim design. Its enlarged screen features flowing curved edges for optimal viewing and comfortable single handed .....
REAL Mobile brings you the New Hyundai E435 and L505 touchscreen Android phones as an introduction line up. Discover these incredible high quality phones with YEAR END Specials through December 31, 2016.
NEW GSM Plans! -Tuesday, September 6, 2016
REAL Mobile introduces NEW GSM plans for Nationwide Service. Fast LTE service and Unlimited Data Plans included. Come see what all the excitement is about ...
Home Phone lines NOW on REAL Mobile! -Thursday, February 18, 2016
Remember when your home phone line was less the $20.00? How about one for $10.00!?