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Why count minutes when you could have a cell phone plan with unlimited data? Our call quality, coverage, and customer service are unmatched by other mobile service providers, and we only provide the latest non-contract phones to our customers.  Our high-speed data offers the fastest speeds from the LTE network and operates in the widest coverage area of the United States. When you are searching for the best no contract phones at an affordable price, look no further than REAL Mobile. REAL Mobile offers affordable cell phone plans with no contracts or obligations. We carry the best pay as you go smartphones and let our customers be in full control of their mobile phone plan. Make the switch today to experience the REAL Mobile difference. REAL Mobile provides users with crystal clear communications from nationwide LTE network coverage. Our unlimited talk and text phone plans mean that anywhere you go, REAL Mobile goes with you. Unlock your phone today with REAL Mobile.






The Best Smartphone Plans for College Students!

“I am a college student on a budget. REAL Mobile’s phone plan deals are great options for me and offer clear calls and coverage everywhere I go. Thanks to REAL mobile, I can have a low-cost cell phone plan with blazing speeds from the LTE network.”


Prepaid Mobile Phones with Simple Activation.

“First of all, hats off to the staff at REAL Mobile for their effort and help. I was expecting a complicated process while activating my iPhone 6s, but REAL Mobile walked me through inserting and setting up my pay as you go SIM card. Everything is working perfectly now!” 


The Best No Contract Phone Plans, Hands Down!

“I didn't know what to do with my phone after its contract expired, so I started looking for the best no contract phones. REAL Mobile helped me find a mobile phone plan for my smartphone using the LTE network for far less than any of the major mobile service providers! Now that's amazing service!”

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Featured products

Hyundai - Orbit LTE Smartphone

The high capacity Hyundai Orbit LTE Smartphone includes a ton of features starting with a FAST finger print unlock. Other bonuses include HD 5.5" display and an extra large 3,000mAh battery capacity for trouble free extended use. Modern design, Android 6.0 OS, 16gb BIG memory, fast charging, dual camera with 13.0 mp back, QUAD-core processor ....
$110.00 $120.00

Hyundai - UNO L500 LTE Smartphone with finger print detection

Affordable doesn't mean compromise when you talk about the Hyundai L500 LTE Smartphone. Features include a bright 5.0" display, finger print detection,modern design, Android 6.0 OS, efficient memory and battery, fast charging, dual camera with 5.0 mp back, QUAD-core processor ....
$110.00 $33.00

Samsung Galaxy J5 J510M

The Galaxy J5 combines powerful yet affordable by Samsung. A quad-core 1.2Ghz processor combined with Android 6.0.1 marshmallow OS prove a strong workhorse team. A boatload of feature include 13mp camera, 5.2" screen, .... all the features of more expensive models

LG - K4 X230DSF 2017 LTE Smartphone

The K4 (2017), this Android phone has a 5-inch display, front and rear 5-megapixel cameras, FM radio, memory card slot, 3.5mm audio jack, and removable battery. Great battery life and all the features of higher priced phones. Sharp display and large screen make this a reliable, fun to use and economical choice.
$129.00 $97.00
Contract vs. No-Contract Phones -Tuesday, July 18, 2017
Are you considering switching to a no-contract phone? Read here to learn more on why no-contract phones save you frustration, time, and money. Make the switch today with REAL Mobile!
Are you experiencing speed issues with your mobile phone? REAL Mobile has compiled a list of five easy ways to optimize your phone's performance.
Pay as You Go with ROLL OVER -Friday, June 23, 2017

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