To activate your phone you need:

FOR GSM (SIM Card): I have a REAL Mobile SIM Card? Great! 

Click HERE and Select the Plan


I have a REAL Mobile SIM card that I already purchased and funded and want to Activate!

Click HERE and Select the Plan



FOR CDMA PHONES: Easily check the status of your phone by simply sending us the MEID/ESN # for your Sprint phone or IMEI for GSM (SIM card) phones to .


(Confused? Don't worry, call us and our friendly staff can help you! 877-316-0493)



Step 1 -   Select the Plan that you want

                    have the following information handy .....

                   - Will it be a NEW phone number or do you wish to transfer your existing number?

                   - If a new phone number then the ZIP Code of the Area Code you want the new number to have

                   - If Transferring, the phone number you are transferring

                   - What is the account number with the present Carrier?

                   - What is the Password/PIN for the account with the present Carrier?

**** Leave a good contact number so we can help you better.


That's it!

Proceed through checkout and we will be in contact with you


 Activate Your Phone for Less!


- Nationwide Coverage

- International Long Distance

- Unlimited Plans with Unlimited Data

– Economy Plans - a budget for everybody

- No Contracts, No Credit Checks

- The FASTEST 4G - LTE Internet service



Customer Tech Service 888-520-6273


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Activate Pre-Funded SIM card (GSM)

Do you have a REAL Mobile SIM card that was purchased at a retailer and you need to activate? YOU HAVE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE! Simply complete the information on the right column so we can set up the activation for you ...

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