Audio Conferencing

Cloud based audio conference requires no on premise equipment. The system allows for private or public conferences, the ability to limit the attendees, time windows can be set, PIN codes can be applied and more. The system can accommodate multiple simultaneous conferences, up to 300+ call-in attendees per conference and multiple phone numbers (DIDs) can be incorporated, including 800 numbers and International DID numbers (providing a local number to a foreign attendee).
Manufacturer: REAL Mobile

The REAL Mobile call conference system operates “in the cloud” so there is no telecom equipment at the Customer site.

Access to conference call setup, monitor and general administration is done through an online WEB portal access.

Access from attendees is by a dial-in phone number (either domestic, 800 toll-free or an International exchange).

Multiple separate conference calls can occur simultaneously.

Features include:

• Moderated or Non-Moderated Conferences
o Access Code auto Generation
o Virtually Unlimited Number of Conference Rooms and Participants
o Mute/Unmute Capabilities
o Customizable Multi-Language IVR, with Ability to Record your Own

o Conference Recording with Immediate Download
o Custom Email invites to each attendee
o Call-Back feature invites attendee via a call-back auto dial number
o Control access time in conference
o Control participant access
o Participants announced when entering conference call (if desired)
o Music on Hold or custom IVR while attendees wait (if desired)

Get all this for only $24.95 per month plus a per minute charge of $0.035 per attendee.

Allow 24 hours for your system setup. A REAL Mobile Team member will contact you to customize your installation.

There is no setup charges.  

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