Push to Talk (PTT) Over Cellular Device: Instant and Clear Communication in your Palms

The cell phone technology may be advancing at a mind-blogging rate, however, before cell phones were introduced and popularized in modern culture, the walkie-talkie was the most efficient method of sharing information over short ranges. Although walkie-talkies now seem old fashioned either as a communication device or as a simple fun tool, the invention of the walkie-talkie still remains of one of the breakthrough inventions in the telecommunications industry.

What is a walkie-talkie

The walkie talkie is simply a portable hand-held wireless radio device fitted with a microphone, a loudspea...

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Business Telephone for LESS

REAL Mobile Business PBX

Operating a small business is a challenge of balancing costs, time and marketing for your new customers. Surely, one of the most important aspects of any business is communications with your customers.

REAL Mobile offers a variety of options that make your business communications very inexpensive without sacrificing important features that any business requires. In actuality we offer features that are available at only the most sophisticated and expensive office systems for prices you won’t believe.

If you are tired of overpaying your local phone company for a basic phone plan that under d...

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Pay As You Go Phones Offered By REAL Mobile

As part of our goal to provide the most value possible to our customers, REAL Mobile offers a variety of smartphones that are available in several types of conditions. We currently carry phones that are new, certified pre-owned, refurbished, and A-stock. These may seem like confusing terms for many individuals, which is why we will be outlining each type of phone condition so that you can make a purchasing decision based on knowledge and understanding.

If you are tired of overpaying for a mobile phone plan that under delivers, consider making the switch to REAL Mobile. We are the top mobile...

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Finding An Affordable Cell Phone Plan for Your Needs

If you have ever dreaded receiving your monthly cell phone bill, you are probably aware that most smartphone plans can accrue astronomical costs over the course of a year. With so many data plans to choose from, you may have a difficult time finding a plan that meets your personal needs. After all, you wouldn’t want to be paying for more data than you actually use. That’s why, in today’s article, we will be taking a look at a variety of data plans offered by REAL Mobile, so that you may find a price point that fits your lifestyle.

At REAL Mobile, we are the premier provider of pay as you go s...

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REAL Mobile’s List of Top Pay as You Go Phones
Ready to purchase your next phone but don't know which phone is right for your needs? Read about the top pay as you go phones available on our online store!
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Contract vs. No-Contract Phones
Are you considering switching to a no-contract phone? Read here to learn more on why no-contract phones save you frustration, time, and money. Make the switch today with REAL Mobile!
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Five Ways to Easily Optimize Your Phone
Are you experiencing speed issues with your mobile phone? REAL Mobile has compiled a list of five easy ways to optimize your phone's performance.
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Pay as You Go with ROLL OVER

Pay as you Go with Roll-Over minutes and a $5.00 monthly renewal,

Start the REAL Mobile PayGo plan with only $20.00, refill with as little as $5.00 (or more) and any unused balance from the previous month carries into the new month.

You never loose $$$ on your monthly service.

Nationwide coverage ... great for rural areas!

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