Custom Design your Own Business Solution

and $$$$ SAVE

 The most COMPLETE Phone System for Business

Virtual Office Solutions

With REAL Mobile’s Virtual Office solution, you can easily assemble your own feature-rich hosted telecom solutions in the Cloud with our customizable Office web portals.

All the functions you need are included like Auto Attendant/Virtual receptionist, Direct Calls to multiple extensions, select phone numbers, voice mail, music on hold, custom messages, call forwarding, simultaneous ring and more.

This solution is perfect for meeting the unique needs of a Sole Entrepreneur, Small or Home Business and with INSTANT activation you are ready to go in minutes.

Add additional phones as needed. Select from our variety of desk and cordeless phones, your analog phones, our free Dialer for your PC, MAC or Tablet, or even our FREE mobile dialer for your smartphone.

Virtual Office’s self-service capability lets you easily expand your business across the country or around the world, without installer visits or back office phone equipment.

Get a single line, then expand as you need.

Key Features:

Full control of features on your Web Portal

Auto Attendant / Virtual Receptionist

(Never miss a call. Calls directed where you need them - worldwide)

Music on Hold

(or your custom messages with weekly specials)

Voice Mail for each extension

(Voice mail send you an email audio file)

Unlimited USA monthly service

Keep Your Number or, get a New One

Call Forwarding / Simultaneous Ring

Call Transfer

Ring Groups

(eg: Your whole sales department rings until someone gets the call)

Mobile softphone

(make your account mobile and be reachable anywhere in the world - FREE)

International Roaming

Connect worldwide between users FREE 

(on mobile APP or Desktop)


  Activate INSTANTLY and be talking in minutes with our FREE mobile dialer APP

(100% refund of service if not completely satisfied within first 30 days)

Installs in MINUTES

(for single use on FREE mobile APP. Add extensions, order phones later at your convenience)

Customer Support

Guaranteed Satisfaction,

100% refund of service within first 30 days

No ContractsNo Activation fees

International Rates

 Additional features

Audio conferencing / Video conferencing

FAX (Full service with Your own Direct Line)

Click to Call WebSite feature

VPN for highly secure communications

Call Recording

800 numbers Virtual numbers(get local phone numbers where your customers are - worldwide)

Mobile Travel SIM (Global Roaming)

Custom Design your Own Business Solutionand $$$$ SAVE

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800 Toll Free Service

Your customers do not pay to call you no matter where they are located. Select from several options.

Audio Conferencing

Cloud based audio conference requires no on premise equipment. The system allows for private or public conferences, the ability to limit the attendees, time windows can be set, PIN codes can be applied and more. The system can accommodate multiple simultaneous conferences, up to 300+ call-in attendees per conference and multiple phone numbers (DIDs) can be incorporated, including 800 numbers and International DID numbers (providing a local number to a foreign attendee).

Classic analog Phone Service

Activate your existing Analog Phones and bring some fun back. The REAL Mobile phone service connects your classic and retro phones like before. Dial tone service for touch tone and rotary dial available.

Complete Business Telephone System in a Box

No other Equipment Required! Ideal for meeting the unique needs of a Sole Entrepreneur, Small or Home Business. Arrives ready to work. Get the services you need with the most complete PBX solution you will find. Let the auto attendant direct the caller to departments, persons in the field, branch locations worldwide, or your own cell phone. All systems are completely customizible ...
From $0.00

Complete PBX Solution

Get the services you need with the most complete PBX solution you will find. Let the auto attendant direct the caller to departments, persons in the field, branch locations worldwide. All systems are completely customizible ...


Get the flexibility of eFAX and never miss a FAX again. FAXes are delivered direct to your email and are opened like any attachment. Easily send a FAX anywhere worldwide from your email. Let yourself be mobile and not wait for a FAX at your office. All systems are completely customizible ...

Professional Voice Custom Message

Create your personal message for greeting your customers, voice mail or special promotion. With our selection of enthusiastic RADIO QUALITY professionals at your disposal you have an edge. First impressions are the most important. Your greeting is what your customer (or potential customer) will hear first. MAKE IT COUNT!

Push to Talk (PTT) over Cellular RM-1560 - Dual 4G LTE/Analog Radio

Long range wireless walkie-talkie communicator with 4G LTE capacity. The RM-1560 is equipped for DUAL mode with nationwide and worldwide cellular connectivity that has no range limit and as an analog walkie talkie radio. IP66 certified this field device is waterproof, shock and dust proof. A go-anywhere companion.
$219.00 $149.00