Global and Domestic Cellular Phone Service

Domestic and International Roaming

Now you don’t need to settle for pre-packaged phone deals where you pay for a lot of services you are not going to use or need.

Take control of your cellular expenses without sacrificing quality.

The new REAL Mobile Global SIM plan starts at only $9.98 monthly

You get

-        250 minutes of talk and text (open) – add more as you need it  … if you need it (starts at $4.99)

-        500mb of high-speed data – add more if you need it (starts at $4.99)

-        Multi-carrier SIM card – All major USA carriers plus 250 countries worldwide

-        International roaming

-        REAL Mobile to REAL Mobile calls are FREE – worldwide

-        No throttling – full high-speed data all the time

-        Video call feature


Get the REAL deal. Get REAL Mobile

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$9.98 - $20.00

Smart Saver Global Cellular

Connect Nationwide and in over 250 country locations with your cellular phone. Access 4G LTE (5G where available) Internet, make and receive calls, sms (text), use your APPs like Facebook, Twitter, What's APP and more. Get the coverage you need, only pay for what you use and freely travel without the expensive International roaming charged by other cellular phone carrier.