Complete Home Bundle Kit

Paying too Much for Internet? Our fixed LTE wireless Internet solution is the answer. Get all the Internet you need without Contracts or wiring installations. Choose from several great plans that meet your needs. Then choose a home phone for a complete solution
Delivery date: 3-5 days

Stop over-paying high Internet costs to your local cable provider.

With REAL Mobile you now have options.

Get fast LTE wireless internet for as little as $10.00 and save tons of $$ while you enjoy Web surfing, movies, social media and all the things you love on the Internet.

No contracts!

Set our LTE router anywhere and connect your device and/or connect through WIFI. There is no wiring installation required.

Router has 4 LAN ports and WIFI capable.

Router comes pre-programmed and ready to work for you.

Freely move the LTE router to another location and have flexible Internet where ever you need it.


The purchase of the LTE router is a ONE TIME charge then just the monthly plan you choose.


Add a Home Phone for MORE savings!




Most Popular*

  • Need just a little internet? This package is ideal. Check email, social media visits. Low budget!


  • *Requires the purchase of the LTE router. 
  • 2 GB Data monthly



  •  Save money with all the Internet access you may need if you are not much of a online movie watcher.

  • *Requires the purchase of the LTE router. 
  • 10 GB Data monthly
  • Ideal for backup



  • The average household uses less than 30gb monthly. This should fit all your needs ... PLUS+

  • *Requires the purchase of the LTE router. 
  • 50 GB Data monthly
  • Ideal for Backup


$10.00 monthly

$30.00 monthly

$50.00 monthly


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