MOFI 4500 LTE wireless router for Internet

The MOFI 4500 LTE router is the ideal solution for easy to deploy Internet for your home, office or mobile application. No wiring required. Combined with our high volume monthly Internet plans and you have all you need - instantly.
Delivery date: 3-5 days

NOTE: $50.00 and $60.00 plans require credit approval and 12 month commitment.

$40.00 plan requires auto pay ($45.00/month without auto pay)


The MOFI 4500 comes preprogrammed and ready to go. The unit has 4 LAN ports making it easy to connect any device via hardwire. It also supports WIFI enabling you to access internet wirelessly.

With over 5000 sqft +- coverage area the unit is able to accommodate all your needs in an office or home environment. Actual unit WIFI coverage area is subject to walls and other obstacles in the designated space.

There are additional antennae and signal booster devices available. Contact REAL Mobile for more information.

The LTE router is the NEW option for Internet service in your office or home. With NO Contracts, NO WIRING and quick mobility it is easily deployed anywhere. Combine with the REAL Mobile monthly Internet service options and you have ALL you need.

Choose from a 2gb, 10gb or 50gb monthly service.

What does that mean? Well, the average household consumes 20gb-24gb monthly considering web surfing, social media and average full length movie watching. A small 1-3 person business will use less than 20gb.

Internet for home or office is now simpler than ever with No Contract high usage options. The LTE router offers more flexibility. Combine with a home phone or office PBX phone system and you have a complete communications solution for much less than you thought possible.

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