Pay As You Go Phones Offered By REAL Mobile

As part of our goal to provide the most value possible to our customers, REAL Mobile offers a variety of smartphones that are available in several types of conditions. We currently carry phones that are new, certified pre-owned, refurbished, and A-stock. These may seem like confusing terms for many individuals, which is why we will be outlining each type of phone condition so that you can make a purchasing decision based on knowledge and understanding.

If you are tired of overpaying for a mobile phone plan that under delivers, consider making the switch to REAL Mobile. We are the top mobile service provider offering unlimited talk and text plans, nationwide LTE 4G coverage, and so much more. Customers love our affordable cell phone plans and the flexibility that comes with paying as you go. To learn more about what type of phone is right for you, read more below!


New smartphones are exactly what you would imagine them to be. All new REAL Mobile smartphones come sealed in their original packaging, and also include an extended 30-day warranty from REAL Mobile. If you are wanting to purchase an untouched phone that is sure to provide you peace of mind, look no further than REAL Mobile’s new smartphones.

Certified Pre-Owned

Many individuals can be confused when comparing certified pre-owned phones with refurbished phones, however, their differences are rather simple. A certified pre-owned phone is usually well taken care of and will be required to pass a stringent quality check before being restored to default factory settings. As with all REAL Mobile prepaid phones, certified pre-owned phones also include a convenient 30-day warranty.


Refurbished smartphones are often sold at a discounted price, as they are generally returned to the manufacturer in faulty state, where they are then restored to working condition with factory default settings. Refurbished phones often feature new parts, as some parts may need to be replaced to restore the phone to its default state. Included with each refurbished phone from REAL Mobile is an extensive 30-day warranty to provide our customers with peace of mind.


A-stock phones vary slightly when compared to refurbished smartphones. Customers that purchase A-stock phones will receive a fully functional smartphone that may have some cosmetic defects, such as scratches or nicks. However, A-stock phones are repackaged and have been tested to ensure that you receive your A-stock smartphone in working condition. Like all of our REAL Mobile phones, A-stock phones also include a 30-day extensive warranty.

We hope that we have made your purchasing decision much easier after learning about the many different types of smartphones offered by REAL Mobile. If you would like to view our entire inventory of pay as you go phones, visit our online store today! As one of the nation’s top pay as you go mobile providers, we offer affordable cell phone plans that were designed to accommodate every type of lifestyle. To learn more about our prepaid phone deals, or if you have any additional questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to REAL Mobile today!

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