Push to Talk (PTT) over Cellular


Push to Talk over Cellular

Powerful field communicators with

Multi-media Dispatch & Command System


Instant communication with all your field personnel and with no range limit.

Our Push to Talk (PTT) comes with a Dispatcher portal giving you access to REAL time contact with your field crew.

See where everyone is with the on-screen map ....

No expensive radio towers ... our servers do it for you.

Push to Talk makes it instant. Cellular makes it unlimited range.

 See PTT Presentation - Download more information

Unified company communications for ANY budget ... NOW

  Monthly nationwide service for only $17.00

 Powerful unified communication capability


  • Voice, texts, location
  • Interaction and user-friendly experience
  • No Range Limit
  • REAL time view and interaction on WEB based map
  • (See where users are and communicate instantly)
  • Downloadable APP for Android/iPhone device available 
  • Encrypted communications for total security
  • 28 server network ensures redundancy and failover





PC Dispatcher features include:


  • Location monitoring in REAL time
  • Broadcast call to all users
  • Individual call to single user
  • Separate users in different Groups
  • Geo-Fencing sends alerts when a user is in/out of a designated area
  • History route allows tracking of where user has been (track route, speed, etc.)
  • P2P single call allows individual users to call each other
  • Create special Group for specific corroboration
  • Call recording
  • SOS key - emergency alert on Dispatcher screen
  • IM - Instant message to ALL users (or single user)


REAL Mobile PTT Geo Fence image


Ideal for:


  • All trades. Know where your service vehicles are for quick dispatch
  • Construction personnel
  • Transportaion and logistics
  • Warehouse and industrial
  • Security
  • Government
  • Fire Rescue and Police
  • Outdoor sports and recreation






What is included with service:


  • PTT software and PC Dispatch Console
  • 28 Server network with 8 locations in the USA
  • Handheld Terminals 
  • Smartphone Application (PTT App can be installed on the Android or iPhone)



  See PTT Presentation - Download more information

Complete and comprehensive communications costs less than you think.

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REAL PTT track historu
   DS-308 PTT ; IP54 waterproof   Track route history    Smartphone client application


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$139.00 - $250.00

Push to Talk (PTT) over Cellular RM-308

Long range portable wireless walkie-talkie communicator. The RM-308 is equipped for nationwide cellular connectivity and has no range limit. IP54 certified this field device is waterproof, shock and dust proof. A go-anywhere companion.
$179.00 $139.00