REAL Mobile Business Phone System Subscription with IP Phone

REAL Mobile Business Phone System Subscription - VoIP Home Office Landline with Voicemail - Expandable Lines - Has Caller ID, Voice Recorder, Call Forwarding - PBX Telephone System, Colored LCD Screen
Manufacturer: REAL Mobile
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    About this item

    • Stay Connected All Day - Offering a full-featured cloud-hosted VoIP PBX phone system, this monthly subscription allows you to make unlimited calls in the USA and take in customer calls for a fixed price.
    • Plug & Use - You don't need to be a technician to set up this office and home phone system! Each one comes ready to use right out of the box. Just plug it in, connect it to the internet, and you're set!
    • Get A Virtual Attendant - No need to hire a receptionist with this reliable office phone system! It comes with an auto-attendant, which answers incoming calls and redirects them to the right extensions.
    • Everything You Need In One Phone - This landline phone has everything you need and more. It has a built-in voicemail, an answering machine, caller ID, voice recorder, music on hold, and call logs.
    • Expand Your Business - Get a single line and expand it as much as you need. With our phone accessories, you can add more lines in offices across the country, so you can keep growing your business.

    Ideal for meeting the unique needs of a Sole Entrepreneur, Small or Home Business


    Phone arrives ready to work! INSTANT activation.

    (Just plug into power and Internet outlet and you are ready to go in minutes)


    Add additional phones as needed


    Product Description

    Having troubles answering all your work calls in the office?

    Running a business isn't an easy job. Apart from all the meetings and tasks you need to get done, you're sure to receive numerous phone calls every day from clients and stakeholders, which can sometimes be too much to handle.

    Once your personal phone starts ringing non-stop, you know that it's time for an upgrade. And what better way to grow your business than by getting a reliable phone system that can meet your communication needs?

    Make your work life easier with the REAL Mobile Business Phone System Subscription!

    Manage your calls and simplify your business communications. At just $24.99/month, our phone system offers features such as call forwarding, voice mail, music on hold, custom messages, simultaneous rings, and 3-way conference calls. You'll even get a virtual receptionist that directs incoming calls to the proper extensions!

    You don't need to be a tech expert to set up this system. Our kit comes with a Grandstream GRP2612 landline, which has a colored LCD screen, making it easier to operate and customize. This PBX phone system also offers a cloud-hosted VoIP, so you can have full control of its settings through a customizable office web portal.

    Whether you're at home or traveling, you can still receive important business calls anytime! This business phone system comes with a mobile app, so you can turn your phone into an office mobile. You can also install a web softphone on your computer, so you can call and receive business phone calls on your web browser.

    Still not convinced? Here are more reasons you should subscribe to this phone system:

    - Smooth and easy to use
    - Perfect for entrepreneurs, home business, and small offices
    - Arrives ready to use within minutes

    Grow your business while saving time and money. Add the REAL Mobile Business Phone System Subscription to your cart TODAY!

    Key Features:

    Full control of features on your Web Portal

    Auto Attendant / Virtual Receptionist

    (Never miss a call. Calls directed where you need them - worldwide)

    Music on Hold

    (or your custom messages with weekly specials)

    Voice Mail

    (Voice mail send you an email audio file)

    Call Transfer

    (Direct your calls where you need them)


    Unlimited USA monthly service


    Keep Your Phone Number or, get a New One

    Call Forwarding / Simultaneous Ring

    Ring Groups

    (eg: Your whole sales department rings until someone gets the call)

    Mobile softphone

    (make your account mobile and be reachable anywhere in the world - FREE)

    International Roaming

    Connect worldwide between users FREE 

    (on mobile APP or Desktop)

    Customer Support


    No Contracts

    No Activation fees



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