REAL Mobile’s List of Top Pay as You Go Phones

If you are currently in the market for a new phone, you may not know which pay as you go smartphone is right for your needs. It can be difficult to remain on the leading edge of technology, especially when new smartphones with state-of-the-art features are being unveiled each year. Fortunately, in this post, REAL Mobile has compiled a list of the best pay as you go phones based on performance, customization, and affordability.

If you are looking for the best cell phone deals with no contract, look no further than REAL Mobile. Our online store of non-contract phones offer something for everyone and contains several of the top smartphone brands used by individuals all over the world. With a number of pay as you go plans to choose from, as well as the most affordable unlimited phone plans, REAL Mobile is one of the top non-contract phone companies that uses the nation’s fastest LTE network. To learn more about some of the best mobile phone deals on our online store, continue reading more below.


The iPhone 7, one of REAL Mobile’s best no-contract phones, comes equipped with a blazing quad-core processor that runs seamlessly behind Apple’s aesthetic iOS 10. With 2GB of RAM and a revolutionary retina display, the iPhone 7’s operating system is both beautiful and incredibly responsive. Most of all, users of the iPhone 7 will love its voice-activated assistant, Siri. Not only can users find the information they seek most with the simple press of a button, they can also send messages, identify music, and even set reminders using Siri’s intuitive voice dictation.

Thanks to the iPhone 7’s unique A10 processor, users will enjoy an extended battery life due to the processor’s efficiency. With four total cores, Apple’s iPhone 7 utilizes two lower-powered cores to complete everyday tasks, while reserving two high-powered cores for performance-heavy tasks such as running games or watching videos. If phone performance is something you seek from a non-contract phone, Apple’s iPhone 7 will continue to surprise you.


When compared to Apple’s user-friendly operating system, Android’s operating system continues to impress users who are looking for more out of their phone than just performance. Thanks to Android’s open environment, users can easily customize their application icons, preferred launcher of choice, swipe animations, and so much more. Best of all, REAL Mobile carries one of the best pay as you go Android smartphones available. Samsung’s Galaxy J7 Prime comes standard with 3GB of ram and a blazing fast octa-core processor.

With the ability to add widgets to the Galaxy J7 Prime’s home screen, set default apps, and even customize the look and feel of your lock screen, you can be sure that you are getting the most from your phone with Samsung’s Galaxy J7 Prime. Not only can the Galaxy J7 Prime’s software be customized to the user’s liking, it also allows users to customize the total amount of storage space available. With 16GB of internal memory available, users can easily expand their hard drive capacity with an SD card. Most impressive, however, is that the Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime’s internal storage can be expanded up to 256GB! If you are looking for a phone that can be easily customized while retaining extremely quick speeds, the Galaxy J7 Prime is the perfect phone for your needs.


There are many individuals who use their smartphone for the basic necessities such as checking and responding to emails, making phone calls, reading the news, or texting friends and family. Some people may be searching for a more affordable smartphone since these tasks do not rely heavily on the smartphone’s processing power. Luckily, REAL Mobile carries several pay as you go phones that offer reasonable processing speeds at an even more reasonable price. For example, the Hyundai E435 Lite is loaded with user-friendly features while offering quick response times for the most basic processes.

While the Hyundai E435 Lite’s operating system runs Android KitKat, it still offers an ample amount of processing power thanks to its dual-core processor. With 512mb of RAM and 4GB of internal storage, the Hyundai E435 Lite is both quick and economical. Users will love the extended battery life that the Hyundai E435 Lite possesses, and will find its slim and sleek design refreshing when compared to recent phone designs. If you are looking for a solid everyday phone that will provide you with the key features you seek without putting a strain on your wallet, Hyundai’s E435 Lite is built for the challenge.

The three phones listed above are just a few of the many intuitive non-contract phones that we offer on our online store. Not only do we provide the latest pay as you go phones at an unbeatable price, we also offer several additional services such as our helpful phone unlock service. Most of all, you will love our incredibly reasonable rates, as well as our various data plans designed to accommodate any type of individual.

From activation services to affordable international calling rates, we make it simple for you to customize your phone plan to best suit your needs. To view our full offering of prepaid mobile phones, or to learn more about our low-cost cell phone plans, visit our website today. If you have any questions or concerns, or need help choosing a phone plan that fits your needs, contact our friendly staff of trained professionals now!


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