BizLink Network Router

3G/4G/LTE/ + Cable/Ethernet/Fiber Router

fast WIFI - Technology

- Share your 3G/4G/LTE/Ethernet with multiple devices (wired and wireless)

- 4 LAN ports and 1 WAN port

- Create multiple WIFI access (for example, Main and Guest)

- Compatible with Cable/DSL/Ethernet/Fiber and many other wired connections

- Ready to go

- Simple, user friendly configuration for personal use (for example, personal WIFI name, etc.)

- Fast wireless speeds with dual external antenna for extended range.

- IP - pass through

- VPN set-up

- Port Forwarding configuration ready (connect to and monitor your devices)

- Load balance (meter allowed usage on your connected devices)

- Fail-over from hard wire (Cable/Ethernet/Fiber) to cellular LTE connection

- Watchdog - monitor status of Internet connection

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Bizlink RM-826- Q25-WD - Network LTE Router

BizLink Network Router - connect to the Internet flawlessly on wired or through an LTE cellular network (even a WIFI connection). Includes 4 LAN ports for wired connection to all your devices and multiple WIFI channels to connect wireless up to 1000+ feet. Use the fail-over feature from your wired connection to the LTE connection in the event of an Internet Service Provider down time. Additional safety features make this THE office or home productive tool at a great price!