Smart Saver Global Cellular

Connect Nationwide and in over 250 country locations with your cellular phone. Access 4G LTE (5G where available) Internet, make and receive calls, sms (text), use your APPs like Facebook, Twitter, What's APP and more. Get the coverage you need, only pay for what you use and freely travel without the expensive International roaming charged by other cellular phone carrier.
Manufacturer: REAL Mobile
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The REAL Mobile unique approach to wireless service and International roaming gives you the control and savings to enjoy your cell phone Nationwide and in over 250 country locations without roaming charges.

The service is offered as

  • 4G/LTE Internet (5G where available and device capable)
  • Voice and Text (sms)

Each usage is priced separately.

Each usage is on a Pay as You Go Plan starting as low as $4.99.

Great for domestic use, as well. Capture the major networks for full USA coverage.

See how it works

See all theĀ Global Roaming Data rates HERE

Your telephone number travels with you worldwide.

Is this the right plan for you? Let's do the Math ...

  • Premium Quality
  • No Throttling - EVER
  • Multi-Carrier connections guarantee the best and fastest connections everywhere
  • Global Roaming
  • Save Money by controlling your expenses