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Smart Saver Unlimited Talk, Text Data Plan (GSM)

Unlimited Talk, Text, Data Plan prepaid starts with 5GB screaming High Speed 4g LTE Data, No Contracts, No Credit Check, No Commitments. Bring Your Own Device BYOD, Nationwide Coverage. Works with ANY unlocked GSM phone
Manufacturer: REAL Mobile
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Please give us a number or email where we can contact you in the event of a problem.

Please give us a number or email where we can contact you in the event of a problem.

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Use this space to send us any special request or instructions.


SIM card is included


Worry free Talk, Text with Data Plan

  • Unlimited Talk, Text with 5GB of High Speed 4G LTE unlimited Data lets you budget and still have all the power of the Internet at your fingertips. The Smart Saver phone plan allows our users all the data for social media, browsing and more, yet save a bundle on their monthly phone expense. Why pay for extra data usage if you are not using it or can tap into WIFI elsewhere?

  • Enjoy worry free Talk Text and Data through the continental USA PLUS available International Text with the cheapest cell phone plan that meets all your needs.

  • includes Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and virgin Islands

  • No Contracts, No Credit Checks –

  • Unlimited call with 4G LTE data plan lets you talk all you want without counting minutes!

Unlimited means Unlimited**.

… So how much is 5GB of Data, really? How much do I really need?

Many users opt for a plan which comes with 5GB of data - but what does this actually get you?

With 5GB of data each month, users can do a whole host of things while they’re out and about, from watching catch up TV and movies to playing games, answering emails and updating Facebook.

But some applications are bound to be more data-heavy than others. So, as a rough guide, 5GB can get you:

  • An email with no attachments is roughly 3KB in size. A 5GB internet plan translates to 5,242,880KB, or 1.5 million plain emails sent every month. Large images add 8 to 10KB per image. If you use your Internet simply for emails and the occasional photo, hitting 5GB will take a lot of work.

    A typical mp3 file is roughly 1MB per minute--that's more than 1,000KB a minute. Don't let that scare you--5GB of music is still more than 74 hours of new music a month.

    Streaming videos from a site such as YouTube are roughly 5MB per minute instead of 1MB. Movies can get up to a gigabyte or more for each file. And an hour-long video chat session will take up more than 150MB.

For this one low price* you can call anyone in the USA without the worry that you may go over your allotted minutes or you may have incurred other charges with your Wireless Carrier.

Text friends, family, business associates. You will not find anywhere better cheap phone plans with unlimited texting.

Go at it … all you want. This plan is Unlimited**!

 Call or Text Anyone International

Tired of Slow Data? Bad coverage?

  • This is the best data Plan where you can save. Data is plenty for most uses … why pay for more than you use? The Saver data plan has High Speed Data solid for FIVE(5)GB then speed may decrease for the remainder of your plan cycle... tired of the watered down services from other Carriers?

  • Social Media for your SMART Phone

REAL Mobile Data Speed Test

  • Send Picture Messaging (MMS)*** when you want

  • Our 4G LTE Wireless coverage is Nationwide

Which phone company has REAL SAVER data plans that are REAL High Speed? Look no further than REAL Mobile.

Now that's flexible!

Don’t Pay for more than you need …

  • There are no Roaming Charges. No surprises if you leave your normal home area.
  • SIM card is included
  • This is the cheapest phone plan with unlimited everything.
  • Now there is NO EXCUSE for Quality at an affordable price!

  This is a GSM (SIM card) service and will work on phones that are unlocked.

 BYOD (Bring your Own Device) - or shop for one of ours on this site!

* $30.00 price is valid when you elect auto pay ($35.00 without auto pay)
   ** assumes reasonable residential usage

*** MMS will not work with the iPhone for the moment


  • No Contract
  • No Credit Check
  • No urprises
  • No roaming Charges
  • Text Messaging (SMS)
  • International Text Messaging (SMS)
  • 411
  • Caller ID
  • Call Waiting
  • Voice Mail
  • 3 Way Calling

 Under an agreement with Ztar Mobile, REAL Mobile customers have access to service anywhere on the Nationwide Network, reaching more than 250 million people.

* Although REAL Mobile, as a reseller of Ztar Mobile, provides REAL Mobile subscribers access to the Nationwide Network and to its wireless services, Ztar Mobile is responsible to the REAL Mobile suscribers for the service. Please call REAL Mobile with any questions or comments about services.

Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
GSM ServiceAny unlocked GSM phone
Test messages (SMS)Unlimited
Mobile Web4G LTE Nationwide Network
Data (Internet)Unlimited after first 5 GB High Speed
Data (Internet)Purchase additional 500mb for $10.00
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