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Unlimited Talk, Text and deLuxe Data (REFILL) Pay Bill

Unlimited Talk, Text, Int'l Text, MMS and Unlimited** Data (Internet) 4G LTE, on the Nationwide Coverage. Bring Your Own Device BYOD,

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REAL Mobile $55.00 Plan

   * assumes reasonable residential usage


Get up to 2GB High Speed Data Download then speed may decrease for the remainder of your plan cycle (Note: reduced speeds may cause some applications not to function properly). Need more High Speed have the ability to add more as you need it.


* Under an agreement with Ztar Mobile, REAL Mobile customers have access to service anywhere on the Nationwide Sprint Network, reaching more than 250 million people.

* Sprint if a trademark of Sprint.

* Although REAL Mobile, as a reseller of Ztar Mobile, provides REAL Mobile subscribers access to the Nationwide Sprint Network and to its wireless services, Ztar Mobile is responsible to the REAL Mobile suscribers for the service. Please call REAL Mobile with any questions or comments about services.

Products specifications
CDMA Service CDMA Phones (incl all iPhones)
Minutes Unlimited
Test messages (SMS) Unlimited
Mobile Web 3G or 4G LTE on Nationwide Network
Data (Internet) Unlimited after first 2 GB High Speed
Data (Internet) Purchase additional 500mb for $10.00
International Text (SMS) Included
International Long Distance not included in this plan
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