Virtual Receptionist

Get the REAL Mobile Auto Attendant and have all your incoming calls answered automatically. Then, re-direct to where ever you need through our call transfer. If a call is not answered it goes to voice mail where an mp3 audio file is immediately sent to your email.

First impressions are very important. Why not have a professional greeting when your customers call your Company?

With the REAL Mobile Virtual Receptionist it's like you have your own personal greeter.

- Transfer your existing number or get a new one (any area code)

- You have your own online portal to create message(s), call transfers, monitor calls, etc.

- Customize your own message in any language

- re-direct caller to mobile phones, office phones, International locations

- Music on hold while call is transferring

- Make your own custom message while call is in transfer

- Voice mail (if call is not answered after transfer incoming caller is sent to voice mail)

- Calls can be directed to multiple locations simultaneously. Then whoever answers first gets the call

Add ALL USA calling for only $5.00

Add eFAX for only $9.95

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